About Us

A&B Machinery Handling and Rigging is a trusted business run by experienced professionals who believe in using their expertise to help other businesses in any way they can. Based just outside of Atlanta in Covington, Georgia, our company was founded in 2009 by Al Pilkington and Brent Arthur — two veterans of the rigging industry who decided to blaze their own trail and start a business.

In the early days, A&B consisted of just Al and Brent, two trucks, two forklifts and a strong passion for helping other businesses when it came to handling important pieces of machinery. Today, A&B employs nine people and boasts a fleet of more than a dozen vehicles. This growth allows Al, Brent and the rest of their team to provide a wide array of services related to rigging and machinery handling.

From the very beginning, Al and Brent’s top priority is doing what is best for the customer. Times may change, but even after all these years, the core of A&B’s customer service philosophy remains stronger than ever. Our company remains dedicated to providing the best service possible for customers. We treat each one as if they were family. A&B has helped companies throughout the Southeast and beyond — traveling as far as South Dakota to help out a client in need.

In addition to our strong client relations, we are especially proud of our top-notch turnkey services. Turnkey means taking care of every detail in the process — big and small — so that when the work is complete, all the client has to do is flip a switch.

Together, Al and Brent have more than 60 years of experience in the machinery handling industry. They have used that experience to build A&B into one of the most trusted and respected companies in the Atlanta area.